Alison T.

Stafford is nothing short of fabulous. She helped me start basically from scratch decorating my bedroom (I had a bed and curtains and nothing else for a very large room). She integrated my feedback and pulled together a final product that was truly my dream bedroom (and my husband loves it too!). She also took me outside of my comfort zone, which I really appreciate!

Stafford is so personable and easy to work with, as well as responsive and honest. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and will also be recommending her to my friends. I believe that no matter what your design style, she could create something unique and special.

Erin D.

Thrilled with the entire experience! Stafford has expertly helped me redo 3 rooms in my home. I adore her taste and collaborative instincts, and have been very happy with the final outcomes.

Eunice P.

Stafford, to me, is a good friend, who is also an expert designer. I have such high regard for her talent and just think she’s super cool as a person, too. It’s so amazing that she can practically know what it’s like to be in my family room, and she’s in Boston and I’m in Denver!