H E Y  T H E R E !

Stafford is my real name! I make things look good.

Q U I C K  F A C T S

cat lady/allergic to cats • amateur baker • tree lover • donut connoisseur • textile freak • hand talker • alpacas & flamingos are my spirit animals • Virginia-born & raised • vegetarian-ish • sporadic sketcher • La La Land enthusiast • Alice in Wonderland purist • New Girl addict (Nick + Jess 4eva) • Wes Anderson obsessed • pillow fluffer  

M O S T  L I K E L Y  . . . 

drinking water • smiling too much?  strolling around my Cambridge, MA neighborhood gawking at the perfect houses trying out that hip new restaurant or coffee shop with Jeff • frolicking from one antique shop to the next on a New England summer day • sitting by a wood stove with a cat in my lap at a Vermont farmhouse making something from Joy the Baker or Smitten Kitchen and living vicariously through Ina Garten • quoting any episode of New Girl • trying to be as cool as Emma Stone • people-watching • making eye contact with a dog