what's all the hype with e-design?

E-design is the perfect option for anyone who's new to designing their home! Get an outside, professional perspective on your home and its potential from afar. No pressure, no stress! All you need to do is provide details and information on your space(s), and I'll do the rest. I'll show you how to execute the design plan in your space with the use of visuals (drawings, floor plans, renderings) and source lists! You get to order on your own time, own dime, and shop around for the best prices as needed.

how it works & what to expect

Fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch to gather all of your details. Once your deposit has been collected and we've hammered out all of the details, I get busy designing your space! I send you two progress shots of your design along the way and you get to send feedback on anything you're not super keen on. Once the final product is sent, you have two weeks to request any last changes! Additional revisions can be made for a small fee.

Your design fee is collected in two phases: 50% deposit, and 50% after you receive your final design deliverables! Phone calls and FaceTime/Skype calls can be arranged to discuss the details of your project, if needed, for an additional fee of $75 due at time of scheduling.

Which rooms are you looking to have jazzed up? Even if you plan to do them at different times, it helps to know which ones are on the "to do" list for the future!
Let me know what you plan to spend on the first space you'd like to design. Please be mindful that furnishing an entire rooms adds up quickly! I always recommend spending a little more on the items you truly love as to not limit yourself. While you have the ultimate power to order what you like at your own pace, it helps to know a general price range as I work on your design so I can source items you are comfortable purchasing!
Do you have young kids and/or pets or plan to have them in the near future? If so, let me know the details! Age(s), animals, breeds, etc.
What is your ideal timeline for completing your project? Are you in a rush, or will this be a leisurely stroll to finding the perfect design scenario for your space? Is this a new home or apartment you haven't moved into yet? If so, when do you move in?
Designers are visual people! Please provide a link to your Pinterest or Houzz board. If you don't have one, feel free to link to another board / website that best demonstrates the vibes you're looking for. Due to the range of styles I have designed, I find this useful to narrow down the realm of your personal home style before getting started! I will always create a unique design for you, no matter what the inspiration.

the fine print

• E-design is only for implementation of furnishings (furniture, decor, art, etc.) in your space and does not suggest any construction or work of contractors. If contracted work is required, I will let you know that it needs to be sourced locally and with a contractor you trust!

• Client agrees to provide all necessary information required to implement a proper design plan for the space (I will let you know what I need). This includes correct measurements, photos, and existing items for the space.

• Client agrees to correspond entirely through online communication (e-mail) and understands that a phone call or FaceTime/Skype call will incur an fee of $75 to be charged upon scheduling the call.

• Client is responsible for coordinating orders, deliveries, and returns of all items sourced for the e-design project. Due to the nature of e-design and dependency on measurements from the client, clients are expected to double check measurements in design plan (provided by designer) to ensure accuracy of source list.

• Open-Plan Living/Dining rooms and Great Rooms have a design fee of $499 and are subject to a larger fee based on square footage. Please contact me for any inquiries related to combined living/dining spaces so we can discuss!