classic boho vibes

Quick moodboards are my favorite. They get the creative juices flowing! It's usually the hardest part of the creative process, as starting from scratch can be DAUNTING... But after some playing around, you eventually reach some harmony and see the light.

This little setup was for a client in the process of building a brand new coastal abode in North Carolina, starting her life anew! This Pottery Barn sectional is a great choice for a classic look - I think I speak for most designers these days when I say that I'm tired of sectionals and the complications they create in a design. If you're going for a huge piece and insist on it being a sectional, make sure it's classic in style and neutral in color so that you can transform it through the years. It may be best to hold off on one until you're in your "forever home," or open to the fact that it may not fit in your next house no matter how hard you try! Be ready to sell/part with that sucker when needed.

The global pillows mixed with the abstract boho art, along with the natural wood table and woven rug create this super inviting and casual space with a touch of femininity. A mini paradise for a mother and her two tween daughters!