classic preppiness

Every now and then, I get a client who totally gets me, and I totally get them. This is one of those clients. Having grown up in Connecticut, she was into that traditional New England preppy classic look, with some new modern elements. Very influenced by some of my faves such as Studio McGee, Caitlin Wilson, and more, we set out to refresh her dining space and entryway (which happened to be connected).

Let's just say that once I learned that this amazingly ridiculous project was her main inspiration, I was hooked.

This was one of the three moodboards I created for her, and not even the one that ended up being the winner. We both loved this, of course. But, my client noted that she already had this rug in her kitchen, and I knew that we were already on the same wavelength. Great minds think alike!

Her home is located in Florida but she wanted to bring back some of her New England roots. As a child of two Vermont-born-humans who dragged me around antique shops as a child and a still-new-ish resident of Boston/Cambridge, I was more than willing to put this together for her!

I can't decide what I love most about this board -- everything is pretty fabulous (not to toot my own horn). A classic chandelier with a soft capiz pendant (this one was from West Elm originally, but out of stock) in the foyer complement each other so well. A couple of pillows on her really cute white antique bench make for an instantly inviting space. The softness of the abstract canvas keeps the mood calm and collected among the bold rug. I love having a vibrant rug like this at the front door - something bright, dark, able to hide entryway dirt! Almost always worth the investment as it will last you forever. 

capiz pendant (similar) | caitlin wilson rug | solid pillow | watercolor pillow | chandelier | abstract painting