more femme vibes

I love this setup. A nice mix of classic and modern for a true "I love the classics but want to look a little cooler" vibe. Truth be told, I've been trying to write this post for awhile. Sometimes it's hard for me to explain why something works so well together in my brain, and it's easier to just put it all together visually and let it speak for itself.

Alas, HERE WE GO! Let's give this a try.

This CB2 chair has been on my radar for awhile now. Is it comfortable? Probably not. Is it extremely cool looking and stylish? Absolutely. Having a piece like this in an empty corner of the room, or as a side chair in a bedroom is a perfect use! Sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for style... Sorry friends!

I love a good classic sofa. Many times I'll have clients dismiss the idea of a slipcovered piece because it's very traditional or "granny" for lack of a better word. Hoping this style proves you wrong! Low and deep seat makes for a super loungey, curl up in yourself type of environment. Just the way I like it. It'll be able to translate into multiple styles as your own evolves throughout the years!

And since I'm a nerd about how things are made and the design process/thinking behind them, here's a little tidbit about the design of this Maxwell sofa at Interior Define! Just try to ignore the "interesting" commentary left by readers below the video.

I've been a long time fan of this shop for pillows. Unique and textural, I really haven't seen any like them elsewhere! Arianna Belle always has a great selection, some better than others. I know mudcloth is on its way out, more than likely, but I just can't resist a funky uniquely geometric one.

Shop all the fab finds below!