modern boho in the city

This modern boho situation was for a hip (assuming) and trendy (assuming again) young (still assuming) lady in Brooklyn, NY. After reviewing her inspiration I was all, "we get each other." I started putting together some ideas for my dream bedroom, which I thought/knew she would also love. She did! This was one of those ideas!

Always loving on this rug and these types of little tribal prints, reminding me of my time playing with fun textiles in DC. A sucker for hand-blocked anything, even if imitated. Faux fur is my favorite at the moment, which I'm starting to find strange seeing as I'm vegetarian and have an abnormal emotional attachment to animals. 

Breaking up all of these very clearly boho elements with some more modern and classic pieces like this chair (which she already had and which we ended up using as a nightstand!) and embroidered shams keeps the look fresh. I find that the biggest element of any space is balance of styles. If everything in the room is super modern, the room feels stale. If it's all traditional, it feels dated. But when you mix modern with classic, timeless pieces? Brilliant. Traditional pieces in fresh new fabrics? THE BEST (literally my favorite thing).

cactus art | rugwishbone chair | headboard | embroidered shams | faux fur pillows (similar) | lumbar | greens