warm and cozy entry situation, pt. 2

Actual signs of spring in New England! Forecasts above 50 degrees, sunshiny days. The wind is starting to feel warmer and less dreadful against our faces! There are no visible traces of snow anywhere! And dare I say it... I'm getting prepped to fix our back deck if we decide to stay here another year.

Anywho, this is another little entryway that I'm dreaming up with that true "welcome home" vibe. Comfortably eclectic.

As you know from my last post... Dressers in the entryway? Yes. Try it. Do it. Why must we limit ourselves to consoles in the entry? I find the landscape atop a dresser to be much more satisfying to style than a console with it's skinniness. Plenty of room for a lamp, vase/flowers, tray/bowl for keys, and a fresh stack of mail/magazines.

I've always been obsessed with these funny vases from Jonathan Adler. This one, a little more tame than some of the other ones that I find hilarious and amazing.

This ornate mirror on top of this canvas-wrapped (seriously sold on the canvas-wrapped feature of this since I'm a sucker for texture) dresser, with the simple warm wood lamp? Cozy as hell. This faux fur bench on the other side, acting as a nice comfy place to sit and remove your shoes? LOVELY. Love a good simple abstract photo, especially this one with it's quirky branches!

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