favorite pins as of late

Happy Saturday!

We're in DC for a friend's wedding this weekend, and it's my first time back since we moved two years ago! For some reason, I really have a desire to go do the touristy things that you seldom do as a local - walk around the monuments and museums. Gawk at how huge the Capitol is up close when you see it everyday from afar and don't think it's that big... You know, normal things.

I do not miss the humidity of the south, that's for sure.

While we're enjoying ourselves, here's a little peek at some pins that've been calling my name! Click on them to go to the source, and see what else has been inspiring me right over here.

Loving everything about this bedroom reveal from Little Green Notebook! Eclectic, cozy, classic. Pretty much perfect.

Someday, someday... We'll be in Santorini. Pure aesthetic bliss.

Something about this type of greenery struck me against the concrete. Not my normal cup of tea, but somehow it caught my attention!

Wondering why more shops in the U.S. can't be like this one in Australia with the perfect boho patio setting? Just sayin'.

new cali prints in the shop!

It's been a long time coming! I took some photos during our road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco in April, and I want to enshrine them forever. Hence, new prints in the shop!

The shop is through Society6, which I've used many, many times for clients and friends alike. I don't think I've ever heard a complaint on the quality (in fact, I've heard nothing but good things), and they come in a range of different sizes/shapes! I'm only offering framed prints as well as unframed art prints, none of the other stuff for now. They seem a little *much* for me, and my aim is to sell prints that I can see being used in an interiors setting, not in an overbearing "let's put this on everything" sort of way. :)

I, for one, will definitely be getting a print of the Griffith door and Santa Barbara for our new place! #stoked The "vector white" frame is my go-to since it is perfect in almost any setting and lets the art be the main focus.

Shop all the new prints below!