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I love this setup. A nice mix of classic and modern for a true "I love the classics but want to look a little cooler" vibe. Truth be told, I've been trying to write this post for awhile. Sometimes it's hard for me to explain why something works so well together in my brain, and it's easier to just put it all together visually and let it speak for itself.

Alas, HERE WE GO! Let's give this a try.

This CB2 chair has been on my radar for awhile now. Is it comfortable? Probably not. Is it extremely cool looking and stylish? Absolutely. Having a piece like this in an empty corner of the room, or as a side chair in a bedroom is a perfect use! Sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for style... Sorry friends!

I love a good classic sofa. Many times I'll have clients dismiss the idea of a slipcovered piece because it's very traditional or "granny" for lack of a better word. Hoping this style proves you wrong! Low and deep seat makes for a super loungey, curl up in yourself type of environment. Just the way I like it. It'll be able to translate into multiple styles as your own evolves throughout the years!

And since I'm a nerd about how things are made and the design process/thinking behind them, here's a little tidbit about the design of this Maxwell sofa at Interior Define! Just try to ignore the "interesting" commentary left by readers below the video.

I've been a long time fan of this shop for pillows. Unique and textural, I really haven't seen any like them elsewhere! Arianna Belle always has a great selection, some better than others. I know mudcloth is on its way out, more than likely, but I just can't resist a funky uniquely geometric one.

Shop all the fab finds below!

1 • slipcovered sofa 2 • lamp 3 • rug 4 • walnut coffee table 5 • art print 6 • pillows: one, two, three 7 • hourglass table 8 • chair 9 • plant

denver patio!

I love a good outdoor space. Luckily we have a small porch in our current place and I love getting out there in the warmer months for a mid-day reading break! If you have a nice, quiet spot to hang in your home/apartment, don't neglect it! Every spot in your place deserves some sort of special touch.

After doing the majority of Eunice's first floor of her Denver spot, she had another request! Of course, I was more than happy to oblige because working with her is a blast--open to my ideas, very responsive and super pumped about any thoughts I have to share with her! What's not to love?

This next project was going to be their front porch, the entry of their home (for guests, not for them) and what faces the street. It needed some help with curb appeal, and they wanted it to be a spot they could all enjoy in the warmer months. It gets great sun and has an adorable view of the neighborhood with so many fluffy trees and charming houses around (I know this because I visited Eunice while in Denver and I can attest to the adorable-ness of the neighborhood). It's not private by any means but it's a cute little spot that needed to be utilized to its max potential.

Here we go! Let's first dive into the "afters" since those are the most fun.

The basic dilemma with this front porch was that it had two sides on either side of the front door, with these french doors that went into both the office and formal living room. Both of these spaces were the same size but prettttty tiny, maybe 6 feet deep at most.

We decided on giving each side a purpose - one would be for lounging in the morning/evening with a drink with the kids or just Eunice and her husband. The other side would be more of a "fun" setup with plants and a fun chair. That fun chair ended up being a SWINGING CHAIR! Yes. Since the beginning of working with Eunice we had both loved this chair from Serena & Lily and finally found a place to put it in her home.

And I must say it's really fun to sit there and swing around in it (again, tried it IRL).

How did we get to that finished product? Here are the two concepts I originally presented to Eunice - we wanted it to be light, textural, boho, soft/pretty and really welcoming.

Eunice decided that she wanted a mix of the two concepts (as happened 95% of the time with my Havenly clients) and we ended up with something that was really what we were looking for!

Originally we had this idea of a full size outdoor sofa here (as shown below) but that ended up being way too tight and restricting (albeit "cozy") - we saved this idea for the back outdoor space. We opted for the West Elm bench instead (that's not longer available - SAD!), which has always been a favorite.

A few things got moved around including this CB2 chair but the general vibe is still the same as we were going for. And I must say, it's as wonderful in person as you think it would be.

Here's how we originally envisioned the porch...

It's worth mentioning that this is a covered porch and she doesn't leave her pillows, etc. outside all the time, because obviously everyone would want to steal them. I mean, who wouldn't want to take all of these amazing things? I think it's better that way, to keep everything nice and clean! It's not too much of a chore to bring them out when you want to sit out there - even a couple pillows and a throw is plenty for a nice sit with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. :)

We found most of the lovely textiles from Serena & Lily, Terrain, and West Elm! The rug in the finished shot is from Dash & Albert, my go-to for indoor/outdoor and family-friendly rugs in general. They're hella cute and super durable! Almost all planters I ever find are from CB2 because they're affordable and funky, in a good way obviously.

I'm telling you, get that patio in shape if you're lucky enough to have outdoor space! You'll want to take mid-day naps there and fall asleep in the sun, and/or sip your favorite beverage there after work, watching the sunset. If you need some extra patio ideas, take a look at some of my favorites this year!

** all photos courtesy of those fine folks at Havenly!

slack city

I swear I have some posts in the works related to our ever-inspiring, wonderful-to-look-back-on, freedom-reviving trip to California. Aside from that, some more on-brand interiors posts with some things I'm loving lately as well as a look back at old projects and the process behind them! Some days you're just not feeling the "I want to write to myself in blog form" vibe and need to wait until it strikes you.

Alas, I know I've been slacking so hard on this blog. I've been spending most of the time since we returned working on a fun new client project with an old friend/client from my DC days, tirelessly browsing ALL APARTMENTS EVER in the area since we're moving, and just getting some general housekeeping done around town. Oh and ENJOYING MYSELF. Because we all deserve that, and I'm learning this slowly. :) 

Instead of a regular post, I wanted to share some of the images I'm feeling lately. Maybe this gives you a glimpse into my current state?

Have you seen the full tour of my homegirl Michelle's abode? It's very much what she's all about, and I love this shot of the bedroom. That girl has a top notch knot! Michelle and I were in design school together back in the day, and she's killin' it with this tour.

I'm always, always inspired by Bri's highlights at designlovefest. Girl knows how to curate some beautiful ideas! These illustrations she showcased by Barbara Dziadosz are adorable.

I love everything about this bedroom setup from over two years ago, and I'm not even a blue person. Canopy bed goals! It's perfection and demonstrates some hella cute Nashville charm.

It feels like I've already pinned this image at least a dozen times. That portrait is beyond, and the owners of this darling abode should hold onto it forever.

I love SO MANY THINGS about this home that was showcased over on MSH last month. And, again -- not even a blue person. This fireplace, is it serious?

Have a good weekend my friends!

sunroom vibes

Back from Cali and breaking the radio silence! Can't wait to share some of the things we saw. If you were following my daily stories on instagram, you probably have a good sense of where we were already, but I'm looking forward to sharing more in-depth fun times on here. There's SO MUCH to sift through! We got back to a blooming and blossoming Boston just in time to continue our Cali vibezzz.

I'm loving the freedom since coming back from Cali and riding the inspiration wave. The best part about this new journey of mine is that I actually have time to sit and play around with some ideas without having a time crunch / daily deadline to meet. Like a leisurely stroll through the park!

I put together this little number a few weeks ago when I was re-imagining a local client's sunroom space. This little room was so cozy and had windows on three of the four walls, making it the perfect spot to relax and unwind with coffee, wine, music, or a magazine. I wanted this space to feel interesting, put-together, practical (I mean, it was small) and of course: eclectic!

This adorable little plush sofa has some Scandinavian qualities and plenty of cozy cushions for napping. I'm always one for deep sofas (and this one definitely is not), but this fits the bill for a cute, good-looking sofa in a smaller space. Anyone who's been following me for some time knows how much I adore Bunglo, some of which is in Eunice's family room. I love the palettes that Shay chooses for her patterns and after seeing her pillows in real life, I can fully attest to their quality - full, fluffy, well-made! I love the contrast of this blush subtle pattern with the bold black and white of the African mudcloth.

Classic pieces are always good pieces to invest in as long as they're practical for your lifestyle. This gold and glass table can be easily translated into so many different styles and spaces, as well as this simple rug. There's something about this dresser that is also simple but so interesting in its details - the bone handles, the notches on the bottom, the ming shape of the legs. Gimme.

My clients know and appreciate how much I love white vases of all shapes, textures, and sizes. Colored vases... Ehhh! There's something about the white that makes it more of a sculptural piece than just a vase. A work of art, but not obnoxiously colored. A simple statement. I feel the same way about this lamp - it's quirky and classic all at the same time.

The wood and leather chair brings some real weathered feels to the space. It's one thing to put a bunch of new fancy things into a room, but it's another to make it feel homey - that's where these worn elements come in handy! If you can't find a cool vintage thing, look for something distressed-ish but not obviously distressed. Nothing worse than a really poor fake distress job, am I right?

Item sources below!

1 • sofa 2 • sconce 3 • bunglo pillow 4 • african mud cloth pillow 5 • dash & albert rug 6 • coffee table 7 • photography print 8 • table lamp 9 • planter 10 • c&b vases 11 • leather/wood chair 12 • chair pillow (similar) 13 • dresser