blogging is hard

Between working about 30-35 hours a week in the store, and countless hours outside the store working on evolved and freelance work, blogging is hard. I love making graphics for posts and getting a good one all together and presentable. Getting home from a long day of dealing with pretty terrible strangers really takes it out of you - and on that note, I think everyone at some point in their lives should have to work retail for at least a month to see how terrible some people can be. It'll make you a better stranger to others, trust me. I am rarely rude to anybody.

What's that one quote? You can tell a lot by a person by how they treat others who can do nothing for them? I think so. That quote is my ish.

Moving on, Instagram is just about the only thing I keep up to date these days, seeing as it keeps me inspired and is easy as shit to use. You have got to be able to see things in different light or else you'll never see the beauty in the world. Trust me on this one. I may be young but that's one thing I've held close to me since 'nam.

ONE • designing a board for a fictitious couple moving from upstate NY to downtown NYC with no children; a musician and an artist - this story was screaming for a crazy fun apartment. I mean, hello? I went all out with a lotus pink sectional, mint walls, and yellow accents. Very pretty. Very me.

TWO • I bought this set of pencils a couple years ago in Norwich, VT while spending the day at Dartmouth. I picked up this one from the cup one day last week and thought the message on it resonated with my current life. My paychecks may be diddly but I'm still pretty content with where I am and most importantly, where I'm headed

THREE • the flight from Vegas got in around 8:30 pm, and I didn't get home until 10:30 or so. We had an install for a DC model at 8 am bright and early the next day - but somehow my jet lag subsided until after the install (thank gawd). These white gallery frames looked magnificent if I do say so myself.

FOUR • before working at west elm, I hardly ever wore flats, but since our dress code strictly calls for close-toed shoes, I have no choice. I finally got up the courage to trash all the ones I've been wearing since August as they're 1. disgusting and 2. disgusting. These two pairs at UO spoke to me in ways that only oxfords can speak to a mild hipster at heart. And my first loafers. WHO KNEW? I tried loafers all through fall but could never get myself to like them. But these. These are different. They were worth the money I spent on them.