the realest of real

As I was sitting there, just writing the first cover letter I've had to write in months, something sparked in me. I no longer wanted to write some bullshit paragraphs about how great I was or how awesome of a team player I would be. I do work well with other designers, and I am awesome. I don't have to hide behind a grammatically stiff and contraction-less robot tone. I sat down and wrote the realest cover letter that ever was. Inspired a little by a finance student that I heard about on the radio who wrote a 100% serious cover letter and got an internship in a heartbeat for being so honest. Since my customers love me (at least, the ones that love me - some hate me for good reason - not sorry) for my honesty, I figured I'd give it a shot in a cover letter. Chances are I don't get this job, but I literally have nothing to lose.

Then there's this. (after the jump)
I went to my inbox and saw this incredible note from Roseanne. The girl in studio that wasn't putting up with no shit from nobody, just like me. We got held back together. We bonded. We knew how awesome each other was in their own way. And this betch totally knows me as I am, truly. I love her dearly. And her graduation card made me shed real tears. Ugh, the realest. It's still on my bulletin board, or taped in the adorable notebook she gave me. yeah, yeah it's there. It should be on the bulletin board and or framed, though. NEXT PROJECT.

To Whom It May Concern,

Getting straight to the point- Stafford C. Bensen is one of the most talented, young designers that this industry has yet to discover.  Let's focus on the last part of that statement- the industry is completely moronic for not taking a shot with this brilliant individual.  She is a risk-taker, an innovator, and one of the most compassionate people I know.  When I think of Ms. Bensen, I think of the last three years I spent getting to know this individual at one of the most challenging, and ego-crunching, times of our lives- studio.  Being placed in first-year as a college junior did not deter her spirit.  She's risen to the top ranks of the design studio, achieving the admiration of her professors and peers, being voted frequently as the top design in our class competitions.  She's got a design style unlike what the mainstream currently fixates on- this sleek, minimalist, cold style.  Her designs are full of warmth, are based off unique concepts, and are full of signature Stafford Bensen colors.  When you see a Stafford Bensen work, you will have no doubt as to who designed it.  Born to stand out, she is also a team-player and very adaptable to any given task.  She's true to herself, to her friends and colleagues, and to her world.  You want to make an impact on the design world?  Then take a chance on this person.  Let her into your world and give her the experience she needs to succeed.  She's earned every right to the amazing opportunities before her. 

There's really nothing more to say.  So, hire her.

Thank you for your time.

Ms. Roseanne Santo Domingo
Kickass Teacher, or Trying to Be.

Roseanne, you are truly the illest. For all that you do. And that's why your kids love you. (and why am I rhyming?)