virginia opts out of snow

Snow has been desolate in Virginia since like, 2010. I remember in February 2010 there were approximately (precisely) 3 blizzards in a row - one weekend after the other. Besides the fact that I was a "senior" (read: 4th year, but 2 more years to go) in college and going to as many happy hours as humanly possible, I met a very special person during that time. That was three years ago! I remember sidewalks disappearing for an entire month and having to climb mountains to get on the bus to campus. I remember endless igloos on the main quad. Then it's like all of a sudden, snow stopped happpening.

In fact, I go to my family's other house in New England often in the winter (and summer for that matter because, duh, New England summers are delightful) just to get my dose of snow. Almost a foot was on the ground a couple weeks ago - meanwhile it was 60 degrees in Virginia. It's FEBRUARY. Let's GO. We've received about 3" of snow in the last two years, I think that's what I read this morning...

There's nothing quite like the soft light that bounces off snow once the sun goes down. There's something madly ethereal about it. Same can be said for sunrise and snow - lots of purples, pinks, blues, and oranges happening there. It's screaming for a moodboard eh? Already three steps ahead of you brah.