whimsical patterns

One thing I must say I'm good at (among everything, obviously) is making patterns. Though these are not mine (I wish), they are entirely representative of who I am as a designer. The cute, adorable shapes and colors that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside. No joke, I would have the two on the right as wallpaper in a heartbeat. Maybe not that intense, but I would definitely think about it.

I designed some carpet for corridors in apartment buildings when I was at my interior design internship. It was something completely new and different than what I had been doing in school. Keeping in mind where doors were going to be placed, making sure the corridor was telling a story down the hall... I was all, whaaa? Typically I think carpets such as these (similar to ones in newer hotels) are way overkill in a space, but it was fun to play with pattern. My boss even commended me on my pattern making skills using some shapes found in a Charley Harper book. Boom.

Speaking of wallpaper... Some favs:

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