are we seeing a trend here?

Welp, here I am on the last day of the month. I am counting this as my October post. I've noticed that my blog posting has been entirely too sporadic for my liking (once a month!). As I've slowly started to show this secret little world to close ones, strangers, and dreamers alike, it's become apparent that maybe I should try a little harder to keep it up.

To that I say "bring it on" but I also know that next week I'm going to be like ehhhh sleepinginsoundsgood and to that I would also say there is no point in forcing inspiration. Cause that's just dumb. When you're inspired, you're inspired. If you're not, you ain't. Ya know?

I'd rather post when I mean it as opposed to just spewing posts onto this blog for the sake of having posts. Quality over quantity, y'all.

This brings me to my October post. Since working at the most colorful, fun, lively, and adorable shop in the DC area, I've noticed a little change in my precious home board. Lawd knows I barely have time to pin anymore, but when I do, I notice some trends to my liking. These make me want to paint things and buy pretty things. But let's be real, I'm broke, ain't got time, etc etc.

A girl can dream though? 

These colorful, lively spaces are unique, exciting, everything I could ever dream to have, yaddayadda. You may be saying to yourself, "is this girl planning to live alone forever? Ain't no way a male body would live in such a home." Well, friend, that just makes it obvious that your home lacks any and all personality. Color is color, whether feminine or masculine. A well-styled home is a cozy home, and one that you are welcome to come home to. Plus, some men are colorblind... So there's that.

I am well aware that most husbands have some sort of complex which makes them shy away from "cute" and "pretty" homes created by their wives. They need man caves. They need big TV's and ugly dark furniture. I will never understand this.

Wouldn't you much rather live in a place that's rich in texture, pattern, and color? Something you are proud to call your own? Let's be real. This formula for "texture, pattern, color" can go wrong entirely too easily, and I have seen it happen. But when you truly pick things that speak to who you are and what you love, you can't go wrong.

The main problem is that people buy huge homes with nothing to put in them. Then, they get frantic and start cramming shit in there. Stuff that's "affordable" and cheap, that will be sufficient enough to sustain the beginning of their life in their new home.

... Let's look at this for a second. We're spending a lot of money on furniture we don't actually love, that we plan on getting rid of anyway when we have a little bit more money for nicer things? I'd rather sit on fold-up chairs than spend real money on bad furniture. Why don't we just wait until we have money for the things that we will love for a long time, and that will also last as long? This is ironically turning into my perspective on dating. Awkward.

Point is: buy what you love. Don't buy what you need. My Aunt Jeanne (who is probably reading this) has this mentality when she shops. She knows exactly what she wants, and gets it then and there. No doting, no dwelling, no calculating. And guess what? Her home is my favorite of all time. Of all time, y'all. That's big!